Wedding bells and Crossfit

These ‘introduction’ posts are usually just as it reads. ‘Introduction’ as in I’m supposed to introduce myself. So here it goes…

I’m Chris.

Phew, now that that’s out of the way let’s get down to some brass tacks as to what this blog was created for.

October 14, 2017:

That date is significant because on that very day I will officially become a married man. I’ll be hitched. No longer will I be available the beautiful women of the United States of America.

Morgan, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. Inside and out. God built every morsel of you with tenderness and concrete. If that makes sense. You’re tough and independent, yet, you love so deeply and unselfishly. I don’t deserve you but somehow this schlep landed the nicest fish in the ocean. I’m taking you and running! #Rawr

They’ll be much more about her during this journey. A Godly woman is a direction men should seek. Trust me.

Trust me when I say this, I’m arguably the most blessed man on God’s green earth. I don’t deserve what I have. No way in heck do I deserve Morgan. No way do I deserve the family I have and even the family that I’m gaining through marrying her. In now way do I deserve the unconditional love and support I have through my friends.

If anyone wants proof of God’s never wavering love just look right at yours truly. His love never fails.

I want to thank some people right now before I go on. It’ll be quick and painless, I promise. Just have to name these people. Sorry if you guys are embarrassed.

Dad- That word says it all. Anyone can be a ‘father’ but it takes a special man to be called ‘Dad’ and stay that. You’re one of my best men. And it’s been that way since day one. Literally.

Sean- My Best Man. My best friend. I can’t picture a world without you in it. I don’t know any different. Over 20+ years of friendship. You’ve always accepted me for me. And I’ll forever do the same. Thank you. When I wanted to die and/or talked as if that was an option you were right there. Jesus, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you. Your integrity and reputation will always be protected with me. God bless you!

Jason- Man, I could not stand you when I first met you at Summerhill Hockey rink years back before a pickup game prior to my first season in the DHL. However, God works in mysterious ways. Since right before you left for your venture in Disney World you made a promise to me that others broke. You were a man of your word. You’re a class act and have an incredible future ahead of you. I hope I can be part of that with you. Thanks for being there for me. During my darkest times you were another one who never wavered.

Kyle H: We built a baseball team together after knowing each other for a few months. It was a bond built through our favorite sport. And it’s done nothing but grow since then. You can be harsh sometimes but that’s just your personality and it’s great. Thank you dude for believing in me. There were numerous times where I wasn’t right and you dropped everything and made me get up and go! God bless you.

Biddle: Dude…..I don’t know what to say. My goodness what haven’t we been through? I mean really? Whether it was Pearl Harbor for four years, or every other deployment you went on to protect my freedom. You and I have been through the gamete and more. Thank you for never leaving my side even though there’s been numerous times where I deserved just that.

Kyle B: Another one of those ‘unlikely matchups’ category nominee. I can’t even pinpoint how it all came about. But our passion for pro wrestling somehow showed us how much we have in common and enjoy talking to each other. You’re a great friend man and I’m looking forward to many more uncomfortable texts, slogans, memes, wrestling, and life conversations down the road.

Seb: My sweet Colombian. The man who has cheeks for weeks. Sheesh, it’s been a lot of weeks haha. In all seriousness, you’re the kindest soul I know. You, along with Kyle, dropped everything to aid me in my downfall years. Those moments will never be forgotten. Thank you for being so unselfish as a friend and just as giving.

Matt: Thank you for, on a few different occasions, dropping some caring knowledge and kind words when you felt you needed to. You’re a tremendous brother in-law, husband, and father. I’m happy to have you in my life regardless of angry I seem when you see me.

Brad & Zach: I love you guys. I mean, it’s pure, unconditional love. I’m looking forward to the day you both mature into young men. Whether you boys know it or not you helped shape me into the man I am today.

As you can probably tell, the names listed above are my groomsmen. Some of the best humans you’ll ever meet. Not may people can say they have two friends who they can trust their life with. Good, bad, and very ugly. I have quite a few. And I pray every single day that their lives continue to prosper and do everything God has called them to do. I love you guys.


As I write this post I’m hours away from my first ever Crossfit competition at my gym: Crossfit Mount Laurel. I’m actually, and predictably petrified. Why? Because I am too competitive with myself. However, Crossfit has changed my life. In more ways than one. I’ll get into that in it’s own separate post but I’m addicted to it. To it’s regime, it’s culture, and the pain it brings me every day.


Okay, I winged this entire post. That’s how this will be and I love the idea of it. With all the craziness going on right now in our country. With all the uncertainty happening right in our backyard this blog will bring me serenity. It’ll also help me show people my behind the scenes. What am I thinking, how am I feeling, and my open and honest thoughts on topics.

I want people to see my behind the scenes so I can remind myself not focus on their highlight reels.

I’m riding off into the sunset for tonight, I’ll catch you all down the road…

Father, Today I pray that I am giving of myself unselfishly. I pray I sacrifice my own comfort so that others may be more comfortable.




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