Weekend Mayhem


Photo Credit: VisitPhilly

In 2016, quiet weekends have been hard to come by for ol’ yours truly. They’ve been fun, nonetheless. This past weekend qualifies as one of the ‘exciting’ ones.

Things kicked off Saturday up in Chestnut Hill PA for the Harry Potter Festival. After finally finishing all eight legendary films (major cliffhanger in the final film if you ask me) Friday evening I was jacked up to hit the festival Saturday afternoon. The ride up there felt like the longest 50 minutes as the route was slow and maze-like. However, I enjoy the sights of Chestnut Hill so it wasn’t too bad.

Parking a near two miles away from the festival was bad. It was 45 degrees with 30mph wind gusts Saturday so the walk was less than exhilarating. I had Morgan with me so it wasn’t too shabby. Oh, and we were with 15,000 other HP fanatics as well.

What I loved most about this event were the age groups. It’s great to see adults continue to live out their dreams, fantasies, and passions. To any high school kid who’s worried about expressing themselves through their passions remember this: Probably 95% of those people will be insignificant in your life soon enough. Forget and delete those who don’t support you and your passions. I never had an issue in HS or even in college, but I know kids who have suffered. Be good, listen, be respectful, and be yourself. Keep a small circle of trust in school and out of it. You’ll thank me for that advice down the road someday.

I’m a very humble dude. Some say too humble. Since I was young I’d always put my passions on display. Whether it was my favorite sports team, player, wrestler, or even brand (Affliction, Criss Angel, Caffeine and Kilos, ROGUE) I never gave a sh*t what people thought of me. Not one single person. I don’t change for anyone. I have a select group of friends and they love me for me. If I changed they’d ring me on it.

While walking through Germantown Ave. with thousands of Potter fanatics, I realized that imagination is alive and well in 2016. In a climate full of hate, racism, and judgment, some things continue to bring people together and it’s special to take witness to. Whether people were distracted by the poorly planned and coordinated even I don’t care. It was encouraging to see people my younger, same age, and older dressing up and having a great time with not a care in the world.

We need more of those times.


Photo: Google

After the HP festival we came home to chill out, eat a great dinner, and watch a movie. So, I chose ‘Now You See Me.’ I had heard great things about the flick but had never seen it. Watched it and my goodness it was fun. Great cast, well put together, and funny. On Sunday night we watched the second one which came out early 2016 and I thought it was better than the original. Daniel Radcliffe was a solid addition to the sequel. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were tremendous in both films. Those two are bonafide legends and two of my favorite actors of all-time.

Sunday was a beautiful day. After worshipping and listening to the word of God, we finally were able to get to Johnson’s Farm. It was packed but it wasn’t too bad at all. It was cool seeing kids and their families picking pumpkins that were in some cases bigger than the kids. Funny stuff. Got our first pumpkin together, apple pie, and some darn good warm apple cider (which I’m sipping on now as I type.)

We were able to catch the second half of the Eagles-Vikings game. Was phenomenal to see the Birds bounce back in a huge way to serve Minnesota their first loss of the season. Now, it’s time for Dallas. A rivalry restored with the superstardom of both Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott.

This weekend taught me that there’s other things in life to do other than sit in all day and watch football. It’s just lazy to me. It was fun being active and being out doing things. Don’t get me wrong I adore Eagles Sundays but thankfully it’s no longer the end all be all for me. And it shouldn’t. If there’s somewhere to go whether free or not and it can create a memory, go do it! God, life is so short. Make every moment count. Honest.


Photo Credit: SyFy

Found a new TV addiction Monday. The Magicians on SyFy. It’s a darker Harry Potter mixed with some sex, language, and a little bit of steroids. It’s fantastic. And the fact that SyFy created a show like this is even more unbelievable. The special effects are tremendous and the storyline is compelling. With each episode the story and characters build more and more steam. Season 2 will commence in January, I believe.

If you want to watch season one in its entirety head to SyFy’s website or download their free app in GooglePlay or iTunes.

Thanks for reading all! I’ll check you all down the road,



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