The Kid comes full circle

Thursday was a fantastic day. A day I’m sure no baseball fan expected.

MLB The Show, Sony’s exclusive MLB game for Playstation, revealed their cover man for the upcoming 2017 video game.


MLB The Show/PlayStation

Below is an excerpt from PlayStation regarding Junior gracing the cove:

“Destined for greatness, no player entered the Big League with more hype than the first pick of the 1987 MLB draft, and no player entered baseball’s Hall of Fame with a higher percentage of the vote than “The Natural.” A legend both on and off the field, “The Kid” inspired a generation of baseball fans with electric play, a contagious smile, enviable flair, and a swing that’s been imitated but never duplicated for almost three decades.

Almost twenty years since his last appearance in a baseball video game, Ken Griffey Jr. returns to the digital diamond as the cover athlete of MLB The Show 17.”

Not since 1999 has Junior Griffey graced the cover of a MLB video game. Most of us over the age of 20 remember the greatness that was KGJ video games of yesteryear.


Photo: Google

Things have come full circle I’d assume for Griffey. After earning the highest voting percentage (99.3%) in the baseball history to get into the Hall of Fame, Griffey had his number 24 retired in Seattle and will now grace the cover of PlayStation’s most prestigious and exclusive baseball game.

If you need any details surrounding the game and it’s packages for the March 28th, 2017 release, be sure to go to HERE and pre-order now 🙂

It’s been a crazy 2016 for yours truly as well. Just to recap here: another fun baseball summer with my Monarchs squad, moved out on my own, engaged to the love of my life, baptized, attending my lifelong dream of witnessing Griffey get inducted in the hall with my dad, and now this. I can’t thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ enough for what He’s provided for this undeserved soul.

This game is going to cost me many nights of sleep. And I can’t wait for it. It’s pretty amazing that in this day in age where there’s a plethora of superstar talent in MLB that someone like Junior would get the cover.

Most fans thought guys like Anthony Rizzo or Kris Bryant were shoe-ins to nail the cover honor. MLB The Show teased fans saying we’d all be ‘surprised’ and ‘stunned’ with whom they picked to hit the cover. It was revealed Thursday morning and fans nationwide embraced it. #TheKidIsBack was the number one trend on Twitter for the US. And Griffey was the number two trend.

Well, I’m going to ride off into the sunset. I’ll hope to post something again by Sunday evening. Talk to you all then!

Prayer of the Day:

Today I pray that I relax and let today happen. I can’t control all of it so I’ll wait for chances to make a difference. Today is a gift. 


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