Work hard stay humble

The (current) banner on the site is also the title of this post. It’s been a hectic last seven days or so but I’m happy to get a little time to send a post out.

I wanted to wait until the election was over before posting anything. The amount of hate in this country has reached a new low and it’s very sad. People of this nation have forgotten the sacrifice that came before us that have given us so many freedoms. It’s a disgrace what the people of this country continue to do to each other, in protest, and through media. I’m not sure I’ll see advancement and maturity in the human race in my lifetime. And that’s sad.

I’m looking forward to the next four years under new leadership. Donald Trump is my President as of January 20th 2017, and he deserves my utmost respect and confidence.

Crossfit has been wild as of late. The new cycle has been punishing my body. And I’m perfectly okay with it. Tonight, I had to find my 5 rep max on the back squat and I just wasn’t feeling it today. Or at least I thought so.

I was able to find that 5 rep max at 225lbs. I’m positive I could’ve went up to 240 but the (3) WOD for the night was a sprint (3 Wise Men) so I had to dial it back. Nonetheless, I was more than happy with 225lbs. My strength continues to rapidly go upward and my numbers are showing that. I can’t explain how but I’m assuming it’s the work ethic during the week, the stretching on off days, and the constant studying of the movements.



I just have work hard and stay humble. That’s all I can do. God continues to give me this ability to battle and push the limits so I’m going to give Him all the glory and keep going.

Adrenaline plays a key role as well. 😉

For those in the crossfit world and would like to wear some of the gear that I wear around head to the following places: Rogue Fitness, Caffeine and Kilos, Crossfit(dotcom), and Progenex. Those are the ones I’ve had the privilege to represent.

This cycle has been my favorite thus far. I dig the deadlifts, bench, and back squats. Looking forward to more and more gains. Crossfit has become such a huge part of my life and makeup and I have to thank Morgan for continually pushing me to go and get better.

Onto pro wrestling. Just a few points here and it’ll be all over the place.

  • Is there anyone more over right now in pro wrestling than Chris Jericho? Over the last year the future WWE Hall of Famer has gotten four new catchphrases completely over with every city and every crowd. This may be bold but I don’t think there’s been anyone in the history of WWE that been able to reinvent themselves and read the business of pro wrestling and its fans like Jericho. He’s easily top 5 of all time in my book.
  • I really hope there’s a payoff for Seth Rollins. He’s undoubtedly the best performer in the world right now and I want the WWE to reward him with something huge. I’d like to see a Royal Rumble victory followed by a top-notch Wrestlemania match. Sure, he’s only 30 and isn’t even in his wrestling prime yet, but the world of wrestling these days moves fast and he needs to be on top for many years to come.
  • What in the world is the WWE doing with Brock Lesnar for the long-term? I honestly think creative have thrown their hands up in the air with his character. They’ve backed themselves into a corner with how they’ve booked him. He can’t be beat. Logically. The latest rumor has Shane McMahon facing the Beast at Wrestlemania. WHY?! What’s the point? There’s absolutely zero story there and no chance of Shane O’ Mac logistically winning unless he cheats or there’s a run-in. If creative doesn’t have anything ‘believable’ for Lesnar it’s best to send him home until they do. #PagingBobbyLashley
  • As of this writing my two choices for the Royal Rumble winners are John Cena or Finn Balor with the latter being my first choice. Balor may be a long shot because of his injury. However, they could have Balor enter at #30, win, and not be physical on TV until closer to Wrestlemania. Cena, on the other hand, will win championship number 16 at the company’s biggest show of the year. It’s time. It’s been talked about for over a year and storylines have kind of been left open for Cena to plug himself right in to face AJ Styles for the title.
  • It’s a shame what’s become of Dean Ambrose. If it weren’t for the greatness of Styles the former Shield member would probably fall by the wayside as a performer. He gets almost no reactions on TV from the crowd and has a very stale character. I think Ambrose is tremendous if booked the right way. Sorry WWE, Ambrose is not a white-meat babyface. He’s anti-authority and rugged. And can talk on the stick if allowed to be himself. Who does that remind us of? Hmm. Ambrose needs to find himself and then reinvent his character. He needs a fresh overhaul and I don’t think he’ll find it on Smackdown.
  • Lastly, what in the world is being done to Bray Wyatt? The Wyatt Family is still intact (YAWN!) and now creative had this grand idea to add Randy Orton to the ‘family.’ Wow, Orton, the 12-time WWE Champion is now playing piggyback with Wyatt on a week-to-week basis. Orton used to be one of the most hated heels in the entire world and now he’s been deemed irrelevant. I don’t understand. Again, like Lesnar, if you don’t have anything legitimate for him, send him home.

Oh well, I’m tired. Time for a protein drink, meal, coffee (WAWA decaf), and Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. I’ll be back in a couple days. Hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll catch you down the road.

Prayer of the Day:

Today I pray that I remember, when things aren’t going my way, it’s still going Gods way and it may be teaching me valuable lessons! Father, bless and protect our men and women in the military who everyday sacrifice themselves for our freedoms. They are the backbone of this nation. Amen!



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