Harry Potter turns 15 and ramblings



Wednesday, November 16th, marked the 15th anniversary of the theatrical release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. 

How cool and at the same time horrible is that?

It’s cool because we, as Potter fanatics, get the chance to celebrate a day dedicated to HP. It’s horrible because it’s already been 15 years! I was almost 15 years old when the movie hit theatres. Oh well, the ol’ freight train of life.

Nonetheless, I’m in the middle of the second book and just bought the third. Can’t wait to get to it. Morgan and I have also began re-watching the movies again. We just wrapped up with Prisoner of Azkaban. Hoping for a weekend viewing of Goblet of Fire.

BUT, Saturday night at 7pm, yours truly and the fiance will be witnessing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! 

We are elated and jacked up for this movie. It looks visually stunning and Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 100% rating. Which is unbelievable. As visually masterful Doctor Strange was/is, I believe the prequel to Harry Potter will be that much better.


Warner Bros. 

After watching this movie I hope the love I have for Potter world seeps into Beasts. It has that special feeling. The masses should come out to this one, especially those who love magic and Potter.

I turn 30 in just under two weeks, however, I’m not bringing that up because of my birthday. I’m strictly declaring this because of the Holiday season. I adore Christmas time. I really do. Especially being a Christian this season means the world because I can celebrate it for what it truly is here for. I don’t get wrapped up in the commercializing of the season because I love it for what it’s supposed to be celebrated for. Christ.

It bothers me how people use Christmas as a strictly gift-receiving selfish time of the year. If you’re not a Christian or a believer, why celebrate the Holiday? Honest. Again, that’s my take. There’s no secondary reason for Christmas as there’s no alternate celebration for it. It may be controversial or insensitive to say but it’s just factual.

For many years it’s how I celebrated it. I’m not a hypocrite. I didn’t celebrate Christmas the way I should’ve. I didn’t have the right to say I ‘love’ Christmas season because I didn’t love it for the reasons why it was even created. Odd.

Now, Christmas and Easter mean the absolute world to me. Which is really cool.

Also, Christmas music. I begin integrating holiday tunes into my playlists on September 1st. That way by the time 101.1 More FM in Philly switch to all Christmas music 24/7, I’m ready.


I wanted to make this short and sweet and to throw something up there. This weekend I’ll shoot out a post on Fantastic Beasts and my week in Crossfit which has been insane in terms of PRs and movements. I’m not a bodybuilder nor am I trying to look abnormal. Simply trying to be balanced and fit. Doing my best and could be doing better.

I’ll also show everyone the supplements I take daily for the pre, during, and recovery of my body destruction.

Much love to everyone! Have a good rest of your week and I’ll catch you all this weekend.

Prayer of the Day:

Today I pray that I’m less judgmental of others. My past mistakes make me unfit to judge. I’ll start by judging me and my behavior.


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