Crossfit and Supplements

What’s going on everyone. I hope this finds you recovering from a fun and plentiful Thanksgiving holiday. Although I am not a fan of turkey by any stretch of the imagination, I do thoroughly enjoy the holiday. Mainly because it all but ‘officially’ kicks off the Christmas season. Lord knows I adore Christmas-time.

One of the great things about the Thanksgiving holiday is it makes people like me want to work harder at the gym in the days leading up to turkey-day. Mainly because we all know 99% of us won’t care about carbs, fats, and sugars on this special occasion. For me, I have never gorged myself during the holiday season. I usually keep it simple and smooth with some wiggle room for bad snack nights. A bad snack in my world are thick sourdough pretzels from Snyders. (2 for $5 right now at ShopRite. Bags are family size. Can’t go wrong.)

Crossfit has been good to me lately as I’ve been able to hit a few PRs on lifts that have historically made me feel terribly weak. The snatch being one of them. I hit a new PR the Wednesday from to Thanksgiving and that sent me into a climax like stage for the holiday. Then Saturday morning (today) I not only PR’d on my Deadlift but repped that PR three times. I felt accomplished and strong, two feelings I rarely get to experience.

Now, I’ve never been a big supplement guy because I like to use what my body naturally produces. But since Crossfit is non-stop high intensity style workouts, I wanted to make sure I replenish my body prior and post workout and make sure I recover as quick as possible.

The two supplements I take are made by XenduranceI loved the ratings this company had with their stuff and a couple crossfitters who I deeply respect (Josh Bridges being one of them) vouch for the company.

1) Xendurance Recovery Protein. – Chocolate


Photo: Xendurance


It’s a 2lb bag that can either be purchase through their website (posted above) or even through Amazon. It tastes great. There’s zero after taste and I personally feel the effects are near immediate. There’s not much lag time. I usually feel destroyed after my workout but within 15 minutes of drinking Xendurance Protein I’m ready to go about my day feeling strong again. I fully recommend this product.

2) Xendurance Creatine- JB


Photo: Josh Bridges’ Twitter (bridgesj3)

This was a supplement I was always weary of. However, I did extensive research, talked to some specialists, and trainers within the Crossfit community all around the nation and the general opinion was: Take it!

So, like any good student, I listened to the pro’s. I dump a full scoop of Xendurance Creatine into my Progenex shaker bottler filled with 8oz of water and drink away. This occurs immediately prior to my workout. You can purchase this product here. I have already seen the results over the last two weeks and it’s gotten me pretty pumped up (no pun intended). Again, none of these supplements will work if your nutrition is garbage. No supplement makes up for a piss-poor diet. Diet is almost everything (80%) when is comes to muscle growth and lifestyle. Your body fuels up based on what you put in it. Just remember that. It’s not a difficult concept. Just will power and a will to succeed. I fall down often but I hop back on that perch, recognize the issue, and attack.

I despise excuse-ridden people. I don’t have time for it. And they shouldn’t either. There’s still so much work to be done ahead of me and I’m not even close to satisfied. But I’ll get there. I don’t know when. But God does. And I just have to follow His lead and do all of this for His glory.

Okay, I have four days remaining in my 20s. I have nothing planned. I’m content. I want to attend my workout classes this week and go about my business into my year 30. Trust me, the best is yet to come.

Prayer of the day:

Today I pray that I remember I don’t have to be perfect. I just have to be the best me I can be today. I’ll worry about tomorrow tomorrow!


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