Snatch and Rope Mayhem

On the day when Disney announced the title of Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi, I will attempt to PR my toughest lift. The Snatch.

To this day, the snatch has been my toughest lift. I don’t believe weight is the issue as much as form. My form struggle mightily on this lift because I think too much. No excuses. I think way too much during some of these olympic lifts that it alters my results.

Since the new year I’ve been struggling with my confidence in the crossfit gym. It’s nobody’s fault but my own. I’m such a competitor that sometimes I check myself out when I’m pissed. I put a lot of pressure on myself each time I step on the mat to workout. I’m not a pleasure to be around. Not saying that’s acceptable but I expect a lot out of myself.

The people who train me are inspirations to all of us who walk into Crossfit Mt. Laurel and I struggle to make them proud. The focus isn’t on me but I put that single spotlight on myself and when I fail it crushes me.

Yes, this isn’t my job but I take it very seriously. There’s plenty of time to laugh, joke around, or be a community but once the timer begins it’s all business. I have not performed to the best of my abilities and things must change. And I’m confident they will. And I believe it’ll start tonight.

It’s a necessity to get out of my own head. No thinking just doing. This week we entered the halfway point of the eight week cycle and I’ve seen minor improvements. My power cleans, toes to bar, clean and jerks, and back squats are strong. So there’s an optimistic view.

My issue is that I want to be Rich Froning everyday and when I fail I destroy myself over it. I don’t mean I want to actually be Froning, because I don’t. I enjoy being Chris but I mean from a Crossfit point of view I want to reach that point. I want to be confident with each lift or WOD I perform. I’m not at that level.

I can’t even climb a friggan rope 15ft.

Again, impossible I know as he’s the fittest man in history. Notwithstanding, those are the goals I put in my own head. Unfair? Yes. Wrong? Absolutely not!

I’ll continue to bust my behind in these lifts and WOD’s, however, things have to improve. In the kitchen, off days, and inside the gym. I can’t anymore failure. I know I always tell people to embrace failure and learn to love it. It’s damn hard to practice what I preach.

But I’ll PR the snatch Monday night and will hopefully climb a rope 15 ft someday soon.

It’s a big week with many plans on the calendar. Most importantly, this Sunday is the Royal Rumble! My favorite WWE event of the year.

My Rumble winner: Samoa Joe.

Prayer of the Day:

Today I pray that I not let worry or doubt invade my thinking. I believe God is in control, therefore I know everything will work out fine.


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