Opening Day

13615004_10154919122123492_4868883357131644879_nSunday marks Opening Day for myself and the SJ Monarchs baseball team. It’ll mark the third summer since my buddy Kyle and I built this thing. Although, we haven’t gotten the results we shooted for things have been growing and moving in the right direction.

Another great thing that’s come from this baseball team is lifelong friendships. Some of the guys of our team will forever be part of my life and only baseball can create that sort of bond with different people. There’s just something about the sport that brings guys from all different places together win, lose, or draw.

While I know the things I stated in my previous post, this is not my final season playing baseball. God willing, I believe I physically have many more years to go and mentally the game has become easy for me. I’m blessed to be a student of the game of baseball and the game has given me immense joy over the last 20+ years. I’ll play as long as God (and family) allows me to.

I’m hoping to have a solid season production wise. I bulked up since last July in terms of muscle mass and I’ll know quickly if it benefitted me or hurt me. My mobility feels the same, however, we will see how the range of motion and speed will react once a ball is hit into centerfield. I batted over .450 last summer which was decent but I can’t expect the same kind of production. I wouldn’t mind a .350 summer.

I love playing, still smiling, still productive, and still look forward to Sunday’s.

Monday, April 3rd, will kick off the 2017 season for the Philadelphia Phillies. I’m not expecting much, around 75-80 wins, but there’s nothing better than having something to do every night for at least six months. I’m excited for players like Odubel Herrera and Maikel Franco. I believe Herrera is a .310 or better hitter and he’s getting better every year. Franco, has some serious holes in his swing but can easily be a 30-HR, 90-100 RBI guy.

The prospects will be up periodically throughout the season and it’ll be cool to see what the future may look like. I’m not expecting much for the next couple years except growth and progression.

There’s a lot of cocky baseball fans out there and I’m not one of them. I’m not a pro player nor do I own any team. I’m a fan and that’s what I’ll always be. I’ll forever support the Philadelphia Phillies because that’s my squad. And I’ll never have anything against anyone who isn’t. Love who you love but don’t be a jerk about it because it just makes you look like a fool.

Well, I’ll sign off for now. Wrestlemania is this Sunday! It’s my Super Bowl.

My predictions: Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Brock Lesnar, Bayley, Enzo & Cass, Bray Wyatt, John Cena & Nikki Bella, Austin Aries, Baron Corbin, Braun Stroman.

Hope you all have a beautiful and blessed Easter holiday. Let’s also realize and remember why Easter is celebrated. It’s not about a bunny or chocolate or eggs. It’s about our salvation. It’s about our Lord and Savior BEATING death granting us eternal salvation and a way into eternity in heaven.

That’s what I’ll celebrate.

God bless all of you, and happy baseball ūüôā





Spring, Baseball, and Vegas


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It’s been about six weeks since my last post. Been ridiculously busy and stressed so I didn’t have much time to sit and type a little bit.

A lot has been going on. Lots of changes, heartache, tribulations, and triumphs. Life is good, I cannot complain. Well, at least not here I won’t.

Spring is officially here, according to the calendar. Still only 45 degrees outside but the sun is out. Not too bad. Thirteen days from today summer baseball officially begins for my team the South Jersey Monarchs. There’s plenty of excitement in the air heading into this season as the league made some significant changes that will benefit teams who have struggled. We made some key additions during the offseason and hopefully this will boost the team and give us a much needed push in the standings.

Baseball is Americana man, and I thank God everyday that I’m still able to physically and mentally play this game. I don’t know what 2018 will bring as this may be swan song year based off what I pray life will bring me and my fiance is the near future. However, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Once you’re married and trying to build a family it’s really difficult (for me) to ask my wife to give up every weekend for the majority of the summer. She works incredibly hard and if she wants to go somewhere during the weekends then she deserves my attention.

Again, we will see what 2018 brings and if 2017 impacts those decisions. I wouldn’t be too upset if this is my final summer playing baseball as God gave me 25 years of it. Once again, can’t complain about it. I’ll miss great friends dearly but I’m just a little further in life than them right now and that’s quite alright. They should enjoy every minute they have the ability to play the greatest game on earth.

Nonetheless, I’m pumped to put my jersey and cleats on and go to war with my buddies.

It’s official: I’m going to Las Vegas in May¬†and I’ll be flying….on an airplane….for almost five hours. I won’t go into detail but those who know me will understand my struggle with that important tidbit.

I’m most excited to be completing a dream of sorts while over there. Thanks to my selfless, observant, and beautiful bride-to-be, we will be sitting 12 rows from Criss Angel performing¬†MINDFREAK LIVE!¬†at the Luxor. There are no words on how much this means to me.

I’ve been a Loyal of Angel’s since 2005 and he’s been a true role model of mine and I never thought I’d actually be able to see him live in Las Vegas at the Luxor. That dream will become a reality in a matter of weeks. Believe that. I don’t publicly discuss how much I appreciate and follow Criss Angel often because people have opinions and judgements I make great attempts to avoid humans on that aspect of my life haha! Only my close friends get it. And I’m sure they balk at it too!

Wrestlemania 33 will commence on April 2nd and the show is shaping up to be pretty decent. Not how I’d write the card but it’s my superbowl and I can’t wait to sit and watch it with my fiance and closest friends. Good luck to all the men and women who lay it all on the line at the Showcase of Immortals.

I recently became a Distributor with¬†AdvoCare¬†I’m excited for the opportunities it could bring. I’ve used their products for almost a year now and will vouch for them. I don’t promote anything I don’t use or like. I’m not a salesman. However, I love the products and if you’re looking to enhance your fitness or overall health in a natural, herbal way hit me up and I’ll shoot straight with you. I want to see you be healthier and stronger than ever ūüėČ

I’ll be back soon with another post. I won’t wait over a month to be back here. Have a great week all.

God bless,