Vegas, Fear, and new podcast

13062353_10154114487352604_7381534482861918267_nI wish I could sit here and believe that I do not fear things. I wish I could utilize the whole Proverbs 29:25 verse that says ‘trusting God is safe; fearing man is not.’

Basically if all I fear is the Lord my God how I can possibly fear anything else in this world of man? Unfortunately, that just looks and sounds good to me. Gotta be honest. I fear many things, naturally. I’m not a robot.

This weekend I’ll be heading to Las Vegas for a few days and it’ll be the first time I will be on a plane for longer than two hours. So double that and more and I’m in Vegas.




I am a God-fearing man but I fear a lot of what man has to offer. Reality is perspective, it really is. My perspective is significantly different from the next person, the person next that person, and so on and so forth. \

One of my biggest fears are flying on an airplane. Ever since I was 10 years old I just fear them. Now, it’s a control thing. I have a car and I like driving everywhere because I’m in control of the vehicle and direction. I can see and visualize what’s ahead. On a plane I have to sit there and put my life in the hands of two pilots, who knows what their lifestyle is like and how their day is going.

These, along with other things, are what flows through my brain as I approach the flight. Nonetheless, I’ll be on a plane headed almost five hours west this weekend. Thank God for technology and in-flight WiFi so I can watch WWE Payback while strapped into my seat for hours on end. 😉

Should be a very good PPV for WWE. There are some great matches on tap as I think the Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro & Sheamus will steal the show. When the pieces fit, tag matches are the best. I think Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe will tear the house down as well. It’s the first PPV since Wrestlemania so the energy should be high. Which means the WWE will find a way to turn off said projected energy. 🙂

I’ll be starting a new podcast soon. The podcast will be appropriately named ‘Barbells and Mayhem.’ I don’t know how to generalize the show or a thesis for it. I told my good buddy ‘Big Tom’ that the best way I can describe it is like ‘Seinfeld.’ Take it from there.

I already have some big guests ready to come one ranging from pro wrestling, Philadelphia sports, and the world of crossfit. It should be lots of fun and I’m looking to shake up the world I just want to have fun with a medium I thoroughly enjoy.

So, look for the official start date soon.

I’m debating on what I want to do in Las Vegas. So far, I’m doing both Criss Angel ‘Mindfreak‘ shows, I believe I’ll hit up Crossfit Las Vegas at some point, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and maybe a spa day if it doesn’t destroy the ol’ bank account.’

I’m looking forward to this mental break. There’s a lot of new things happening in my life that I’ll get into later on so this break will be fantastic. I’m very blessed to have this opportunity to get to a place I thought I’d never get to. Because of fear.

I will catch you all down the road with some solid news and updates.

God bless and be good 😉



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