Baseball numbers are nuts

There’s not another sport on earth that’s as fun to discuss statistically than baseball. The numbers go back to the early 1900s and they’re fascinating to go back and study. I’ve been immersed in baseball stats since I was 10 years old.

I used to read and highlight the yearly almanacs and baseball encyclopedia’s for pure fun. I gained tons of (useless) knowledge but it made me feel intelligent, even though I despised mathematics. Still do.

I’m going to list a bunch of names and include stats through their first 10 full seasons in MLB. Some of the names you may recognize while others you may scratch your head and hit up Google. My goal here is for us to stare and compare generations.

Babe Ruth first 10 seasons (as a hitter): .353/.491/.737/1.227, 450 HR, 1,297 RBI, 1,269 BB, and 1,701 H.

Babe Ruth Wearing Crown

Photo: Wagner College

Albert Pujols first 10 seasons: .331/.430/.625/1.050, 410 HR, 1,230 RBI, 914 BB, and 1,901 H.


Photo: Wikipedia

Ted Williams first 10 seasons: .347/.484/.633/1.117, 323 HR, 1,261 RBI, 1,327 BB, and 1,763 H. (Worth noting, Williams missed 1943-45 while serving in WWII).


Photo: SI


Photo: Wikipedia

Barry Bonds first 10 seasons: .293/.410/.558/.968, 318 HR, 945 RBI, 1,017 BB, 1,503 H, and 344 SB.


Photo: SI

Rickey Henderson first 10 seasons:  .291/.403/.436/.839, 137 HR, 535 RBI, 1,507 H, and 838 SB.


Photo: SI

Ken Griffey Jr. first 10 seasons: .299/.380/.569/.948, 398 HR, 1,152 RBI, 1,742 H, and 167 SB.

Albert Belle first 10 seasons: .298/.374/.571/.945, 373 HR, 1,199 RBI, 670 BB, and 1,673 H.


Photo: Google

Hank Aaron first 10 seasons: .320/.375/.572/.947, 342 HR, 1,121 RBI, 541 BB, and 1,898 H.


Photo: BBHOF

Mike Schmidt first 10 seasons: .266/.383/.537/.920, 348 HR, 962 RBI, 953 BB, and 1,353 H.


Photo: Pinterest

Ichiro Suzuki first 10 seasons: .331/.376/.430/.806, 90 HR, 558 RBI, 457 BB, 2,244 H, and 383 SB (Ichiro is arguably one of the greatest hitters in MLB history with 2,244 hits in his first 10 full seasons in pro baseball.) b6e352edcee76b26becee60e2a6d6f36--seattle-mariners-baseball-players

Derek Jeter first 10 seasons: .314/.386/.462/.848, 169 HR, 756 RBI, 633 BB, 1,924 H, and 215 SB.


Photo: Forbes

Stan Musial first 10 seasons: .346/.434/.591/1.025, 281 HR, 1,174 RBI, 990 BB, and 2,251 H.

Obit Stan Musial Baseball

Photo: Pioneer Press

Mickey Mantle first 10 seasons: .311/.429/.588/1.017, 361 HR, 998 RBI, 1,086 BB, and 1,609 H.


Photo: BBHOF

Pete Rose first 10 seasons: .309/.372/.436/.808, 109 HR, 586 RBI, 611 BB, and 1,922 H. (Crazy to think Ichiro had accumulated 322 more hits than Rose in the same amount of MLB service.)


Photo: SI

Miguel Cabrera first 10 seasons: .324/.403/.573/.976, 353 HR, 1,198 RBI, 778 BB, and 1,911 H.


Photo: SI

Next post I’ll list a number of legendary pitchers because those are just as amazing to see in print.

It’s phenomenal to read some of the above numbers and realize that home runs weren’t always everything. Some of the guys on this list average an over .330 average every single season. It’s ridiculous.

Have a safe and happy fourth of July everyone and GOD BLESS AMERICA!


Snatches upon Snatches

sethsnatchThis blog is called ‘Barbells and Mayhem’ and I haven’t posted a ‘training’ based writing in a bit.

I’m in the fourth week of an eight week cycle right now and things have been going well. A lot better than than the previous cycle. I think the summer does something to me. I sweat profusely (I already sweat like Brock Lesnar anyway) and I feel myself pushing harder when the weather is warmer. Maybe that makes sense to someone other than me.

Up until this cycle my weakest lift was the snatch. From what I gather, that’s usually the most difficult lift for a lot of crossfitters and power lifters. To me, it’s because of its form. It’s consistent and if you break it, you know it.

Thankfully, through much work and video study on the lift I’ve gotten much better. I’ve PR’d both the hang snatch and high-hang snatch in the last two weeks so that has really made me feel accomplished.

I’ve only been doing crossfit for a little over a year now and I have learned so much about my body. From a mental standpoint, it’s taught me how to take my time and focus on each lift and movement. It’s made me realize which body part needs more work to benefit other parts during WODs.

It’s crazy to think how important pistols and burpees are in functioning balance. My balance has improved immensely during my lifts and it’s made me feel more comfortable pushing for heavier weight. Case in point, back and front squats have felt great. I need to keep screwing my feet into the floor on these squats because I tend to lean forward and it’s pissing me off.

I’m not here to tout or toot my own horn because I know my weaknesses (a lot of them) and I know where I struggle. I still do not enjoy myself or how I look in the mirror. Morgan is constantly trying to remind me how good I look compared to just six months ago. I don’t see it. It’s a problem and I continually am working on it.

For me, training is like therapy. It’s a space where I can clear my head and nothing else matters except making myself better. That’s what it’s all about for me.

I’m not sure what the back half of this cycle will bring but I’m damn sure going to push harder and harder to see if I can continue to gain momentum heading into the brunt of summer.

I’m also looking forward to getting a couple friends into the box with me soon. Both of which are great friends of mine from church. These guys have reached out with interest and I can’t wait train with them.

In terms of baseball, this nightmare of a summer is almost over and I’m thankful for it. I’m eternally grateful for the lifelong friendships I’ve created with a few guys on the team but it’s time to move on and upward. Some won’t understand because they’re not at a point in their lives to understand. Luckily, a few on the same page as me and that’s important.

All that is left is to leave everything I have on the field these last couple games and then ride off into the sunset and prep for fall/spring hockey. That’s exciting.

Lastly, I listen to quite a few podcasts and I’m going to list my top 5 favorite here. Give them a listen if any interest you:

1- Steve Austin Show- PodcastOne, iTunes

2- Something to Wrestle With Pruce Prichard- iTunes, Google Music, etc..

3- Talk is Jericho- PodcastOne, iTunes

4- What Happened When with Tony Schiavone

5- The DIS (Disney World) Unplugged- iTunes, etc…

Have a great rest of your day everyone and God bless!


Flyers better off after draft weekend


Photo: CSN Philly

The Philadelphia Flyers had a solid chance to reignite the future of their franchise when they held the second overall pick last week. They drafted who many considered the consensus number one player in the draft, Nolan Patrick of the Brandon Wheat Kings.

Yes, many preferred Nico Hischier, including myself. However, it’s not difficult to seek and find just how big of a piece Patrick will be for the future of the Flyers organization.

I’ve said to many of my friends in and out of the NHL that Patrick sharply reminds me of Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews. Everything about Patrick oozes characteristics similar to the 3-time Stanley Cup winner.

I can easily envision Patrick becoming the next Flyers captain in 2-3 years once the Flyers find a way to rid themselves of Claude Giroux and his heinous contract. He won’t light up the scoresheet at the end of the season but Patrick will do everything right. His ceiling could be 80-point seasons while I expect him to consistently range in the 70-75 point area.

Nonetheless, head coach Dave Hakstol has plenty to play with once the Flyers start the season back up October 14th against the Washington Capitals.

That directs me to the other ‘big move’ out of the Flyers. Brayden Schenn was dealt to the St. Louis Blues for Jori Lehtera and multiple draft picks.

Let’s be real about Schenn. He’s a dime a dozen. There’s loads like him in the National Hockey League. Will it be difficult to replace 25 goals? Of course. Especially on this team. His 17 power-play goals were tied for most in the league. However, he was putrid even strength when the Flyers really needed him most.

Schenn never found his niche with the Flyers as he was always radically inconsistent and unreliable. Plus, in terms of assets and contract, Schenn was the most logical piece to move. Can’t trade Wayne Simmonds as he’s the Flyers best overall player right now. Unfortunately, both Giroux and Jake Voracek cannot be traded due to their large contracts.

So, in the NHL a 25-goal scorer who’s available is much easier to trade. GM Ron Hextall made the right move on this one. More importantly, this made room for Patrick to slide right in to center either the second or third line for Hakstol this season. It was logical but widely unpopular for some reason.

The primary focus for the Flyers moving should be securing a quality starting goaltender not named Steve Mason. There are a few free agent veteran netminders on the market, but I’m not sure if any of them are the answer right now. If it were me, I’d ride it out with Anthony Stolarz and see what he can do. Just never know. He’s 23 and is ready to go.

Flyers have to get it right in Hischier



Only one other time have the Philadelphia Flyers drafted number two overall in the NHL Draft. That was in 2007 when James van Riemsdyk followed future Hall of Famer and number one overall pick, Patrick Kane.

Ten years later, the Flyers are without ‘JVR’ but have the second overall pick in the NHL Draft. Friday night at the United Center in Chicago, GM Ron Hextall has a monster chance to elevate his Flyers team forward after a season that saw the franchise take a giant leap backwards.

The Flyers are expected to select Halifax center Nico Hischier, who played in Halifax this past year. Although unlikely, if the New Jersey Devils select the Swiss forward we will likely see the Flyers opt for Nolan Patrick of the Brandon Wheat Kings.

Personally, Hischier is the best fit for this team moving forward. The Flyers already have dead weight on their roster in Claude Giroux and Jake Voracek and will unfortunately have to continue paying their outrageous contracts. Why? Because no other team in the league wants either player with their respective cap hits.

Nonetheless, Hextall, Hakstol, and the Flyers have to push on and put other guys in the right place the best they can and it starts with Friday’s number two overall pick.

At 6-1, 175 Hischier is tremendous. He’s a dynamic skater who’s quickness separates him from everyone else in his class. He has good speed and has an elite hockey sense. He seems to always know where to be on the ice and is a magnet for the puck.

Hischier rocketed up the rankings after raking in 86 (38G, 48A) points in 57 games for the Halifax Mooseheads this past year. Over the last few years his offensive output and growth have risen aggressively.

There’s been heavy comparisons to Pavel Datsyuk. That’s a bit excessive, however, not bad to at least be mentioned in that conversation. Still, the Flyers could most certainly use a scorer of that caliber on a team who registered one 30-goal scorer and only four players over 50 points. The anemic Flyers offense needs a shot of skill and production, Hischier is that player.

It will be nice to see the likes of Travis Konecny and Wayne Simmonds play alongside this 18-year old kid.

Steve Kournianos of ‘The Draft Analysis‘ had this to say about Hischier:

“Hischier is an elite center with off-the-charts puck artistry and swift skating that combine into a lethal package. Sly and dangerous, he can strike at a moment’s notice. His agility and escapability are unmatched among draft peers, and at 18 years old his hockey sense is on par with the world’s best young players of any level. And he’s far from just a finesse player — Hischier is a fierce competitor who hates losing whether it’s a one-on-one puck battle or a seven-game series. He can kill penalties, lend support down low and do his best at physically moving opponent’s off the puck. Hischier has a good, accurate shot but it’s the way he fakes and jukes that makes beating goalies all the more simple. Blessed with sick hands, poise and a keen sixth sense, he is next to unstoppable once he takes the puck below the hashmarks.”

Mike Morreale of

“Hischier’s elite skill and hockey sense is combined with a complete level that allows him to be effective in any style of game. Hischier (6-1, 176) was 10th in the QMJHL with 86 points (38 goals, 48 assists) in 57 games and was named rookie of the year and best pro prospect in the league.”

I personally believe the Flyers are going to end up with the best player of this draft. Nolan Patrick is real good player, don’t get me wrong, and the Devils will have themselves a franchise player to build around. All things considered, Hischier is the complete package in my book and based off the people I have spoken to about him, I don’t seem to be in the minority at all.

Let’s hope the Flyers get this one right.

Been a while…


It’s been a tad long since I last posted something as a lot has happened in my life since the last time we were here. For this post, I’ll produce bullet points to cover the events over the last month or so.

  • After nearly six years I left my full-time position at The Barclay Group and began a new challenge and journey with another company in Bala Cynwyd, PA. It was a timely change and a blessing as well. I’m in a different spot in my life one where lots of responsibilities are about to become even greater. BG just couldn’t be in my future and that’s just a fact. I’ll miss the camaraderie I developed there, the friendships, and the experience. It was a great place to work for nearly 72 months. I’m grateful for them.
  • Started my new gig on May 30th and it’s been stressful. It is a whole new world and protocol. I am getting the hang of it and things have began to run smoother for me. I am very lucky to be in the situation I am in and am thankful for the opportunity. God continues to provide and I have to trust that He always will.
  • My Bachelor party is set! My groomsmen are second to none. They really are. I do not deserve them. Nonetheless, we will all be heading to Brooklyn, NY on August 20th for ‘The biggest party of the Summer’ WWE Summerslam! Exciting doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling about this. There isn’t a more perfect situation for a Bachelor party designed for me. This will be a night I’ll always remember and sharing with my best friends in life means everything.
  • Sadly, I’m beginning to come to the realization that my baseball ‘career’ is coming to an end. Physically, I feel better than I ever have. I’m 30 but I feel 20. There’s extenuating circumstances as to why I’ve reached this point and I won’t get into them here but after 25 years it may be time to ride off into the sunset. We will see what happens after July. I won’t need to make a decision until January of 2018 but as of right now I don’t envision myself running on a diamond next summer. There’s a lot of things I want to do with my weekends in the Summer than baseball. That’s just life and it moves in waves. I don’t get paid to play the game and that’s OKAY, which means I have that choice to do whatever I want, when I want on my terms. No commitments or stress (except stress that I create).
  • Crossfit has been amazing the last month or so. My strength has really elevated and I have finally began feeling confident in my abilities and lifts. It took a year but my goodness it’s worth it. I also have to thank Sean Sowney and Steve Clark for aiding me in my deadlift and back squat. I’m reaching numbers I never thought I’d reach. I’m excited for the future.
  • Morgan and I have dove head first into our wedding planning. We have putting together our table settings, invitations, and other ‘wedding’ related things the last week and it’s been stressful yet exhilarating. It’s really cool to be involved and have your creative ideas come to life in front of you. Morgan is phenomenal at everything she does and watching her piece every idea together has been riveting, to say the least. The finished product of things are far from finished but the rough drafts are pretty damn cool. Looking forward to everyone seeing the finished product on October 14th. No sneak peaks for anything till then! 😉
  • Friday will be the last REVO of the school year at our church. I cannot believe it’s already June and youth nights are over until September. To see the changes in these kids and young adults have been inspiring. I cant wait to see what God has in store for them. It’s been an honor mentoring them and I’m excited for next year.

There’s been a couple other things I’m sure but I can’t think of them right now. Oh well, this is more than enough.

I pray all of you have a wonderful and healthy weekend and Father’s Day! Lord knows how important my Dad is to me so I hope all the Dad’s across the nation feel loved everyday.

God bless,