Snatches upon Snatches

sethsnatchThis blog is called ‘Barbells and Mayhem’ and I haven’t posted a ‘training’ based writing in a bit.

I’m in the fourth week of an eight week cycle right now and things have been going well. A lot better than than the previous cycle. I think the summer does something to me. I sweat profusely (I already sweat like Brock Lesnar anyway) and I feel myself pushing harder when the weather is warmer. Maybe that makes sense to someone other than me.

Up until this cycle my weakest lift was the snatch. From what I gather, that’s usually the most difficult lift for a lot of crossfitters and power lifters. To me, it’s because of its form. It’s consistent and if you break it, you know it.

Thankfully, through much work and video study on the lift I’ve gotten much better. I’ve PR’d both the hang snatch and high-hang snatch in the last two weeks so that has really made me feel accomplished.

I’ve only been doing crossfit for a little over a year now and I have learned so much about my body. From a mental standpoint, it’s taught me how to take my time and focus on each lift and movement. It’s made me realize which body part needs more work to benefit other parts during WODs.

It’s crazy to think how important pistols and burpees are in functioning balance. My balance has improved immensely during my lifts and it’s made me feel more comfortable pushing for heavier weight. Case in point, back and front squats have felt great. I need to keep screwing my feet into the floor on these squats because I tend to lean forward and it’s pissing me off.

I’m not here to tout or toot my own horn because I know my weaknesses (a lot of them) and I know where I struggle. I still do not enjoy myself or how I look in the mirror. Morgan is constantly trying to remind me how good I look compared to just six months ago. I don’t see it. It’s a problem and I continually am working on it.

For me, training is like therapy. It’s a space where I can clear my head and nothing else matters except making myself better. That’s what it’s all about for me.

I’m not sure what the back half of this cycle will bring but I’m damn sure going to push harder and harder to see if I can continue to gain momentum heading into the brunt of summer.

I’m also looking forward to getting a couple friends into the box with me soon. Both of which are great friends of mine from church. These guys have reached out with interest and I can’t wait train with them.

In terms of baseball, this nightmare of a summer is almost over and I’m thankful for it. I’m eternally grateful for the lifelong friendships I’ve created with a few guys on the team but it’s time to move on and upward. Some won’t understand because they’re not at a point in their lives to understand. Luckily, a few on the same page as me and that’s important.

All that is left is to leave everything I have on the field these last couple games and then ride off into the sunset and prep for fall/spring hockey. That’s exciting.

Lastly, I listen to quite a few podcasts and I’m going to list my top 5 favorite here. Give them a listen if any interest you:

1- Steve Austin Show- PodcastOne, iTunes

2- Something to Wrestle With Pruce Prichard- iTunes, Google Music, etc..

3- Talk is Jericho- PodcastOne, iTunes

4- What Happened When with Tony Schiavone

5- The DIS (Disney World) Unplugged- iTunes, etc…

Have a great rest of your day everyone and God bless!



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