Baseball numbers are nuts

There’s not another sport on earth that’s as fun to discuss statistically than baseball. The numbers go back to the early 1900s and they’re fascinating to go back and study. I’ve been immersed in baseball stats since I was 10 years old.

I used to read and highlight the yearly almanacs and baseball encyclopedia’s for pure fun. I gained tons of (useless) knowledge but it made me feel intelligent, even though I despised mathematics. Still do.

I’m going to list a bunch of names and include stats through their first 10 full seasons in MLB. Some of the names you may recognize while others you may scratch your head and hit up Google. My goal here is for us to stare and compare generations.

Babe Ruth first 10 seasons (as a hitter): .353/.491/.737/1.227, 450 HR, 1,297 RBI, 1,269 BB, and 1,701 H.

Babe Ruth Wearing Crown

Photo: Wagner College

Albert Pujols first 10 seasons: .331/.430/.625/1.050, 410 HR, 1,230 RBI, 914 BB, and 1,901 H.


Photo: Wikipedia

Ted Williams first 10 seasons: .347/.484/.633/1.117, 323 HR, 1,261 RBI, 1,327 BB, and 1,763 H. (Worth noting, Williams missed 1943-45 while serving in WWII).


Photo: SI


Photo: Wikipedia

Barry Bonds first 10 seasons: .293/.410/.558/.968, 318 HR, 945 RBI, 1,017 BB, 1,503 H, and 344 SB.


Photo: SI

Rickey Henderson first 10 seasons:  .291/.403/.436/.839, 137 HR, 535 RBI, 1,507 H, and 838 SB.


Photo: SI

Ken Griffey Jr. first 10 seasons: .299/.380/.569/.948, 398 HR, 1,152 RBI, 1,742 H, and 167 SB.

Albert Belle first 10 seasons: .298/.374/.571/.945, 373 HR, 1,199 RBI, 670 BB, and 1,673 H.


Photo: Google

Hank Aaron first 10 seasons: .320/.375/.572/.947, 342 HR, 1,121 RBI, 541 BB, and 1,898 H.


Photo: BBHOF

Mike Schmidt first 10 seasons: .266/.383/.537/.920, 348 HR, 962 RBI, 953 BB, and 1,353 H.


Photo: Pinterest

Ichiro Suzuki first 10 seasons: .331/.376/.430/.806, 90 HR, 558 RBI, 457 BB, 2,244 H, and 383 SB (Ichiro is arguably one of the greatest hitters in MLB history with 2,244 hits in his first 10 full seasons in pro baseball.) b6e352edcee76b26becee60e2a6d6f36--seattle-mariners-baseball-players

Derek Jeter first 10 seasons: .314/.386/.462/.848, 169 HR, 756 RBI, 633 BB, 1,924 H, and 215 SB.


Photo: Forbes

Stan Musial first 10 seasons: .346/.434/.591/1.025, 281 HR, 1,174 RBI, 990 BB, and 2,251 H.

Obit Stan Musial Baseball

Photo: Pioneer Press

Mickey Mantle first 10 seasons: .311/.429/.588/1.017, 361 HR, 998 RBI, 1,086 BB, and 1,609 H.


Photo: BBHOF

Pete Rose first 10 seasons: .309/.372/.436/.808, 109 HR, 586 RBI, 611 BB, and 1,922 H. (Crazy to think Ichiro had accumulated 322 more hits than Rose in the same amount of MLB service.)


Photo: SI

Miguel Cabrera first 10 seasons: .324/.403/.573/.976, 353 HR, 1,198 RBI, 778 BB, and 1,911 H.


Photo: SI

Next post I’ll list a number of legendary pitchers because those are just as amazing to see in print.

It’s phenomenal to read some of the above numbers and realize that home runs weren’t always everything. Some of the guys on this list average an over .330 average every single season. It’s ridiculous.

Have a safe and happy fourth of July everyone and GOD BLESS AMERICA!


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